Palate Training in San Francisco

We just had a fun time at Sightglass in SF and wanted share it with you.

A palate training!!  It is designed to train our taste buds to be able to distinguish the subtle taste elements in our wonderful coffees.

We tasted many different organic acids (among others) such as lactic acid, citric acid, etc…

They are all present in carefully roasted coffees in different levels and that creates the distinctive characters of different beans.

It was fun fun time and wish we can do something similar in our cafe with our customers, too.

Below is some of the pictures we took!

Sue's SquadJJ Kang
Love to Letter Workshop

We're so happy and proud to announce that Sue's Gallery Cafe will be collaborating with Caffeinated Letters to host a brush calligraphy & card-making workshop! 


A little about @caffeinatedletters...

Caffeinated Letters is a community of women who work with the art of calligraphy and watercolors. Their vision is:

"To create authentic community around art and coffee,
empower women in their identity and gifts,
and create beauty together."

What's happening during the workshop?

Imagine spending your Saturday afternoon at our cafe, getting hands-on teaching in the art of brush lettering while sipping on a decadent latte and munching on a sweet treat from JustBakeCause. Need more convincing? In this course for beginners, you will learn the basics of brush lettering, including basic strokes, letter forms, and composition. You will also make your own watercolor + brush lettered Valentine’s cards to take home and give to loved ones! There will be plenty of time for 1-on-1 support and Q&A.

What's included in registration?

  • 2 hours of instruction and hands-on practice with Alex from Cross and Dot
  • Calligraphy Starter Package:
    • Calligraphy brush pen
    • Cross and Dot Brush Lettering Guide
    • Tracing paper for practice
  • 2 DIY Valentine’s cards
  • Redeemable drink coupon for Sue’s Gallery Cafe

Seating is limited to 15. Register online at

Baron Fig Stationery

Thoughts from JJ –

I first discovered Baron Fig through Kickstarter. Back then, they were still first starting out and only had a few simple but essential products which are now part of their classic offerings. 

I’m a firm believer in notebooks. I believe in the texture of paper, the scrawling of pencil, the flowing of ink. It’s true that in our technology-driven era, the keyboard – actually now, the touchscreen – is king. But even here and now, I believe there is a place for the paper and pen. So it’s no wonder I was enthralled to discover a company like Baron Fig.

I think it’s safe to say we all have moments when our ideas, thoughts, jumble around in our minds in a tangled mess. When that happens to me, I like to grab a journal and a favorite pen or pencil of mine and let my stream of consciousness write itself out onto the paper. As my thoughts get scribbled out, they slowly take shape and reorganize themselves into ideas I can manage.

I carry my tablet, laptop and smartphone with me everywhere. They are essential tools for creating and holding the final products of my thoughts. But my notepads and pens are just as crucial to me in my day to day endeavors, and it’s my personal conviction that tactile writing tools can never be wholly replaced by electronics.


Baron Fig has grown immensely as a company since I first stumbled upon them in 2014. They’ve grown their arsenal of creative tools to include not only their excellent notebooks, but also planners, pens, and even backpacks. But still the cream of the crop to me is always the notebook. You can carry it with you easily everywhere you go, essentially carrying with you the perfect space for ideas to take shape. I love how Baron Fig creates notebooks that are premium in build and design, with a fair price tag for their quality. 

If you appreciate the analog as much as I do, I invite you to come try for yourself these notebooks that I enjoy so much. 

- JJ

HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY | #SuesHolidayGiveaway

We're having a holiday giveaway!



1st Place: $50 gift card + pin + sticker
2nd Place: $25 gift card + pin + sticker
3rd Place: 16 oz. bag of coffee + pin + sticker

All contestants can come by the cafe to receive a Sue's succulent sticker! Just show one of the baristas your entry – only until supplies last.

The Rules

  1. Follow us @suesgallerycafe and @suesgallery on Instagram.
  2. Post a photo of you using one of our ceramics either at home or in the cafe. Extra points for photos from your own home! Write a caption about your favorite holiday memory and hashtag with #SuesHolidayGiveaway
  3. Tag us in the photo (@suesgallery and @suesgallery).

The Details

Deadline is Monday, 12/25.
Multiple entries are welcome.
The winners will be chosen by the Sue's staff judging panel, based on the photograph and caption, and announced on Wednesday, 12/27.

If you don't have Instagram but would still like to participate, please email us with your photo and caption.

Have fun with this! We look forward to your photographs and holiday memories. :-) 

Happy Holidays,
Sue's Crew

Holiday Cardmarking Workshop!

Do you remember the lovely artwork that one of our regular customers made while at Sue's? Her name is Olga Akbarova and we are collaborating with her next week for a holiday card-making workshop!

What's Happening

You will be provided with all the art supplies and cards that you need to first practice as Olga teaches you how to use watercolors and brushes to recreate her holiday card. Then, you will have the opportunity to try it out by yourself, with her guidance. 

You will go home with two of your own holiday cards, and also (hopefully) with the joy of being able to create the old-fashioned way, with tangible paper, brushes, paints and your own two hands. Even in this era of digitalizing everything with tablets and stylus pens, we hope that you would not forget the delight of scratching pen onto paper to produce art and creativity. 

The Details

Date: Thursday, 12.21.2017
Time: 4 - 6 PM
Location: Sue's Gallery
Cost: $20/person, all supplies included.
Age: 10 and above

Please swing by the cafe and pay in advance to secure your spot in the workshop. If you can't make it in person before the workshop, just give us a call or an email and we can sort something out. Thank you for your interest!


RSVP below!

Name *
Please include the number of people in your party.
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Upcoming Poetry Workshop @ Sue's!

One of the original visions we had when opening the Gallery was to use it as a place for community events and gatherings to take place. So we're very excited to announce the very first of such events, a poetry reading and workshop taking place next week!


Making connections and providing a space for community to gather is a joy of ours. If you're looking for a venue for your own private or public event, we'd be honored to hear from you. Reach out to us through our email link on our homepage.

Happy Two Year Anniversary to Art & Clay Studio!

From Sue's studio:

On this beautiful July day, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary of Art & Clay Studio! We are so so grateful to everyone who has helped make our studio dream come true, and are looking forward to many more years of collaboration and creation.


Art & Clay Studio is a ceramics studio that Sue started just over two years ago. She and her students meet weekly to shape, carve, and fire handmade, functional pottery together. Although Art & Clay Studio is not open to the public, anyone interested in learning from Sue can find her at Montalvo Art Center beginning January 2018. Course and registration information can be found here.

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